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Social Media has taken over traditional marketing and customer service. Instead of companies spending a ton of money on research and consumer panels they can simply type in a few keywords and find out exactly what their target market is interested in along with an honest look at how people view their products. Millions of people are giving big and small companies free advertising so it’s not surprising that social media has become an actual career opportunity. Whether it’s making posts on behalf of a company, answer customer questions and complaints, or simply moderating the comments section of the company page, social media has become a valid work at home choice. Here are 5 companies looking for people like you to work at home on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms.

1. ModSquad

I’ve posted a review about ModSquad before which you can find here. They work with a lot of big name companies and hire people who work all over the world to do customer service. One of their biggest opportunities is working the social media pages of their clients. You can do anything from answering wall posts and private messages to moderating comments and liking statuses to show customers appreciation.

2. Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions is a company that hired virtual assistants for their Fortune 500 clients. One of the features that they offer is social media management. This can be posting engaging information on behalf of the client or moderating comments and providing customer service. You probably won’t just be doing social media work with Belay but also providing assistant services which usually include keeping track of appointments, answering emails, taking calls, etc. This is a great career choice for those who are organized, can juggle multiple tasks,  and have a quiet workspace that they can do business from. Be aware that Belay does require a Bachelor’s degree and relevant experience.

3. Appen

Appen has been around for a while now and they have recently gotten into the social media aspect of work at home. Their clients are looking for reliable people who use social media daily to manage their social media pages. It looks like they are in need of Social Media Evaluators so now if you want to start making money with social media this is a great company to start with. Unlike Belay they do not require a bachelor’s degree of experience so it’s perfectly for those just starting out.

4. TimeETC  

TimeETC is another company that hires virtual assistants. Many virtual assistant companies are adding social media to their list of duties because it has become a vital part of doing business. Just like Belay, you will be doing regular assistant work along with managing/running/or assisting with a companies social media pages. They are looking for someone with customer service experience but it doesn’t look like a Bachelor’s degree is required. This is another great company that will help you expand your work at home resume!

5. Crisp Thinking

This is a great company who hires people to work social media jobs all over the UK and the US. Like the others, you will be posting, moderating, and flexing your customer servicing muscles. This is another great company for those just starting out. You can earn a decent wage while building experience working from home.
Bonus Links! 

Here are some other great places to find the perfect social media career. – this is one of my favorite places to look for work at home jobs and there is no shortage of social media listings.

MediaBistro – This is a job search for social media careers. Many of the positions listed require experience, a degree, or both but they also include some very well-known companies and they pay good money. – While this is an amazing website for finding any work at home job, including a social media position, you do have to pay a fee to use their job board. I’m not a big fan of this policy, however, they are one of the top work at home job boards online so it’s worth it if you have the money.

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