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zerochaosThere are several companies that subcontract with Google for jobs rating ads for this search engine. ZeroChaos, formally known as Lionsbridge, is one of those companies.

If you’ve researched doing this kind of work or applied with any of the companies before, you know this can be a rather difficult process, involving a lot of study and testing that many people fail. But with ZeroChaos, the process was much simpler for me. After failing the test for another company, I found that ZeroChaos didn’t even require a test for the position I was approved for. (There may be testing with other jobs.)

I would rate ads on how likely they were to satisfy a user entering a specific search term, and how well the ad actually matched the site it was advertising.


  • You can log in any time you want, as long as you work at least 10 hours and not more than 30 in a week.
  • Fairly easy, low stress work.
  • Excellent pay for work done, in mid teens.
  • WEEKLY payment by direct deposit.
  • Payments reliable and on time.
  • Flexibility in time off if you have a week where you can’t make 10 hours.


  • You can only work 30 hours a week.
  • Sometimes there are no tasks available and it’s usually temporary, but during the holidays, we had an extended dry spell for many weeks.
  • There’s a one year limit on this temporary assignment.
  • You can apply for one more year, but must wait 90 days after first assignment ends.
  • Communication fairly good, except with letting us know why there was a dry spell and approximately how long it would last.
  • Occasional adult content, either unplanned if it’s a misleading ad linking to porn (you flag it) or some tasks warn you that they may have adult content. You can pass on those.
  • Tasks in “dispute”: If there is too wide of a range of ratings, the task goes in dispute and you must work it out with your co-workers to come to some kind of consensus. Most workers are great, but sometimes you get someone who is pretty clueless, and too stubborn to budge. It can be very frustrating.
  • Can be a bit tedious, but you at least can listen to music while you work.

Be able to work 10-30 hours weekly.
Secured, high speed internet access (no mobile wifi or public internet.)
They also require a “BA/BS or equivalent degree or equivalent practical experience” and “college-level fluency in reading/writing English.”
They do have assignments available in other languages and for other countries if you are fluent and understand the native culture by having lived there.


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