• Unfortunately these scam artists get craftier and craftier by the minute. A good way to sniff out a scam, though, is to check for typos, one or two is no big deal, but if an ad/ offer is riddled with typos, that’s […]

  • This seems like a great option for people who are looking to dip their toe into freelancing. Like others said, it’s great that they pay on time, that alone sets it apart from content mills I’ve written for. I also […]

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  • I have to admit, while searching for work at home jobs I hadn’t even thought of some of these options. One that I’m particularly interested in, and have been for a while, is the personal historian job. I’m […]

  • Unfortunately Postloop is closing soon. After a year of working with them, this is sad news, the work was easy, and, while the pay was low, I always felt like a part of the community on the forums I worked in. It […]

  • I had no clue that the people who wrote those ads on Craigslist actually got paid for it. This article is very informative. The first two listings are similar, and both seem a little like they are not really worth […]

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    3. You Are Just Too Lazy To Get A Real Job!

    This is my least favorite stigma against working at home. Many people work at home because of disability, wanting to be closer to family, to supplement their regular […]

  • I applied for Mod Squad in the past but unfortunately never heard back from them. So the good news is that they are very selective. It’s unfortunate that I did not get the job but also somehow comforting that they […]

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    I’ve considered working in live chat in the past but never really got around to it because most of the time people didn’t post links to legit sites. This list is probably the best I’ve come across. I’m wondering, […]

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    This does not seem like the kind of work that everyone can handle, as it requires you to be very patient with others. I’m concerned about one “con” in particular as well, is there a reason they do not give a […]

  • I had a friend who once almost fell for a check in the mail scam, luckily, when he tried to cash it, the place told him it was a scam. Unfortunately, this was after everyone tried to tell him it was a scam, […]

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