• All I can say is that I’m glad that I have a dog that needs to go outside every few hours. This forces me to take the dog out for a run and take a break from my work. Eating right is another problem all […]

  • Ruby commented on the post, Top Online Scams 1 year ago

    Great list of potential scams. Give it another 5 years and everyone will have received a Nigerian email scam. It worries me how people fall for these scams even though you can see through most of them.

  • Ruby commented on the post, Work At Home: Live Chat 1 year ago

    Uber is everywhere in our city. There are a lot of retired people working for them, as well as young university students with cars. I’m not sure how I’d feel driving people I don’t know around but it seems […]

  • Thank you for these exercises! I’ve found if I get up and move every half hour I feel less stiffness and soreness and my eyes are less tired. Sometimes you can get so caught up by what you are working on you […]

  • We had tech support at my last job. They were wonderfully patient with everyone considering they were working with some incredibly low tech people. New programs would invariably throw the low tech into a tizzy. […]

  • Thanks for the list of sites Amanda. This is one work at home job that never would have occurred to me. I’m game to try new things as long as it’s not nudity. It does sound like an interesting job.

  • There were quite a few tech customer support people at my last workplace. I was always amazed at how one of them had a very calm and steady voice on the other side of the phone. He never seemed to get irritated, […]

  • This sounds like an interesting job. Are the hours set or can someone who works during the day do this in the evening? I’m curious as well as to what an example of a Mod job would be.

  • There will always be people who try to scam others and people who get scammed. People are just too trusting. I’ve gotten so many scam emails and some I can’t imagine anyone believing. Maybe they are desperate […]

  • I’m always looking for opportunities to write and work from home. Typically for these types of companies there are usually quite a few writers, some good and some bad, vying for jobs and your chances of getting […]

  • I think it is becoming a lot more common to hear of people working from home now. This certainly helps. My husband has worked his own business out of our house for years and his parents still think he has no job. It’s harder for older people to understand that you can make money working at home.

  • What types of coloring books have you published, Marie? I know adult coloring books are becoming all the rage now. I’ve seen a few friends who are buying these books and say they enjoy coloring them. It calms them and helps them concentrate better.

  • My favorite snack is chips, especially salty chips. If they aren’t available then I settle for crackers. I used to fix a plate of crackers with peanut butter but that just messed up my keyboard, so now it’s just plain crackers.

  • Ruby replied to the topic Obvious Scams in the forum Question of the Day 1 year, 12 months ago

    It’s not always easy figuring out what companies are scamming people and which are legit. I will search the company to see what is being said about them. I agree that t’s hard to tell if the review that says scam is really true or an angry employee.

  • Ruby replied to the topic Consulting in the forum General WAH Questions 1 year, 12 months ago

    I would say contacting his clients, even old clients, either by email or telephone call would be a great place to start. It would get the word out and these people know what he can do. I would also search online for companies that need his line of expertise and send them a letter of introduction.

  • I’m curious to know if there are any long time work at home people here? How long have you been working at home and has the amount you have been making improved or stayed the same?

  • How many of you use a tablet to work? I know some people who use the tablet with a detachable keyboard but I find it’s a little small. Some sites warn against using it for work. Have you had success working on a tablet?

  • This would be a really cool WAH job. I love reading recipes and finding new ones to try. I’d love to get a job where you try out the recipes and give your opinion of what you though of it. Even uploading recipes to a site would interest me.

  • Ruby replied to the topic Windows 10 in the forum Tech Questions 1 year, 12 months ago

    I have a PC and Mac. I haven’t upgraded from Windows 8 to 10 on the PC yet because I’m worried that some things may not work for me. Have you noticed any problems with Windows 10 since you updated? Any programs not working properly, lags or glitches? I have the same IP issues with periods of being super slow.

  • I’ve heard of these jobs but you need certification, something I don’t have. I know there is a company called Maxim Health that allows you to work remotely from home. Not sure how many jobs there are in this field but if it interests you and you have training you could look it up.

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